Pool Opening

Remove winterizing plugs
Skim pool surface
Brush waterline tile & pool walls
Vacuum pool (1/2 hour)
Start up equipment
Fire up heater & shut off
Reinstall skimmer baskets & return fittings
Clear off pool deck surface
Clean out pump baskets
Back wash filter system
Install diving board, hand rails & ladders

Pool Closings

Lower pool water level approximately 4" - 18"
Air blow all plumbing lines
Add winterizing anti-freeze
Turn off gas at heater
Remove skimmer baskets, fittings
Remove auto cleaner
Add winter chemicals
Remove diving board, hand rails & ladders
Winterize filter system, pumps & heater, clean DE & cartridge grids

Weekly / Biweekly Service

Test and balance pool/spa water chemistry
Brush pool/spa walls
Brush tile and coping
Skim water surface
Add client's chemicals
Vacuum pool/spa (1/2 hr)
Blow/brush off deck area
Clean out pump/skimmer baskets
Clean automatic cleaner
Backwash filter system
Check salt level and adjust as necessary
Inspect pool and equipment for any problems

Pool Repairs

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