Whitecoat replacement

White Plaster

Traditional white plaster is the oldest and most common pool finish. White Portland Cement and Marble Sand are combined with water to create the plaster for the pool's interior.When you think of pool plaster, you think of the smooth, white plaster surface that turns a sparkling blue when filled with water.

A new plaster surface will give you 7 to 14 years of good service.

Diamond Brite

Unlike traditional marble-based pool plaster, Diamond Brite is made with natural quartz, one of the natures hardest and purest minerals. Marble aggregates are easily dissolved by pool chemicals causing unsightly attaching and rapid deterioration. Diamond Brite's quartz aggregate resists permanent staining. Also the 3-M colorquartz accent colors won't rust, rub off or fade. Diamond Brite's cement increases hardness, improves bonding and reduces water penetration.

Natural Pebble Pool Finish

River  Roc is an advanced, revolutionary interior pool finish. River Roc is a blend of Premium Natural Pebbles to resemble nature in all her splendor.

The unique process retains its original finish even after years of exposure yo nature,s elements. Available in a variety of colors, River Roc finishes are factory blended to provide and attractive alternative to traditional pool coatings.

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